Artisan Lab's story began with a simple – albeit ambitious – goal: to make the best possible products using the best possible materials. A year into its existence, and it's safe to say that goal is being achieved. With a philosophy centred around 'creating value between the lines', Artisan Lab takes a meticulous approach to contemporary craftsmanship. By partnering with selected Italian artisans that have worked with some of the most renowned luxury brands, it produces limited runs of top quality Italian-made products – elegant sneakers, high end tailoring and luxurious leather accessories – at affordable prices.

The label was founded in 2019 by Riccardo Gismondi, who, after ten years of working as a designer and marketing consultant for luxury artisanal brands, decided to finally launch something of his own. Drawing on the experience he'd gained in the industry, he was driven to make the 'hidden' side of luxury products – that incredible sacred know-how of traditional artisanship – more accessible, prioritising real quality of craftsmanship over speed and excess. "The key was not only to work with the best and to build strong relationships with them, but to redesign the way things are made and sold, in order to have a sustainable and efficient model that would allow us to apply affordable prices for real premium products," Gismondi explains.

With simplicity at its core, Artisan Lab works on a single design at a time, focusing on the smallest details to meticulously create products that are truly meaningful. Its designs are functional and minimalist, intended to transcend trends and stand the test of time. Emphasis is placed on quality of construction over fussy stylistic details – take its sneakers, for example. As a long-time sneaker enthusiast, Gismondi is personally invested in all the technical aspects of the brand's footwear and takes a hands-on approach to ensuring utmost comfort and durability. An optimised last, long-lasting cushioning and interchangeable insoles promise comfort, while use of the highest quality ethically sourced Italian leather, in tandem with special reinforcements on key points of the shoes, offer sturdiness. Timeless in style and made to last, these are shoes that will see you through years of wear.

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