Titled A’tolan - translated into ‘a place with many rocks’ from the indigenous language of the natives of the east coast of Taiwan – the latest project from Create + Think Design Studio presents a new approach to the seaside escape.

Located on the eastern coast of Taiwan, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, the house adopts a narrow rectangular shape, 90 metres high and 30 metres wide. The house delicately follows the coastline and gently slopes down to the shore to represent three different levels of the house.

Consequently, the property adopts a relatively subdued posture to complement the picturesque sea. Created on the native architectural technique of ‘A’tolan’, whereby rocks are excavated from the original site and then used to build the textured walls of the property. Utilising the natural background to hide the handmade elements of the property, a sweeping stone stairway descends from the upper level to the open-foyer of the property.

Subsequently, the invasive design reflects the serene beauty of mother nature, and so the interior spaces remain minimal and refined to enhance the relationship with the outside world. Most noticeably through the skylight covered shower and the outdoor sleeping areas, which combine the functionality of everyday life with a spectacular star-gazing theatre.

Take a closer look at the entire property below and check out the Stilted Summer House for an alternative take on seaside living.