Despite the plethora of modified motorcycles, few custom workshops in the world can be considered true pioneers; truly unique. Bandit9however, are one of the select few that are rewarding of such a prestigious reputation.

Beijing-based Bandit9 have formed a formidable reputation for experimentation; pushing the boundaries of motorcycle aesthetics through their extravagant and innovative designs. Their latest concept, the AVA, extends the workshop’s rich vein of form. Conceived as a tribute to the technological optimism of the Jet Age, at a time where the nacent airline industry was beginning to launch, the AVA pays homage to the art of engineering through its minimal aesthetic.

Completely hand-built, the motorcycle highlights the intricacies of design and the most essential components of modern engineering, courtesy of its striped-back exterior. Although the representation of a space-inspired aesthetic may appear contrived, it exists as an original and entirely respectable concept, as Bandit9 explain:

“If you look back 60 years ago, during the Jet Age, it was a time when cars, trains and planes symbolised progress,” says founder Daryl Villanueva on the inspiration of the AVA bike. “We took risks. We went to the Moon; we broke the sound barrier. We made history.”

Signifying a new direction of motorcycle design, the AVA is based on the 125cc Honda Supersport, enhanced with a range of custom features including a sand-casted ‘deer leg’ swing arm, a saddle from luxury calf leather and intuitively engineered rear dual shocks.

With only 9 models made, the AVA costs $10,950 and is available online now at the Bandit9 website.