Hidden within the Nakun Mountains, the Bamboo Villa by C&C Design marries beauty and simplicity. Accompanied by floral fragrances, rich forestry and a delicate stream circling the compound, the Eight Bamboos Villa is the ultimate retreat for those who want to escape to the natural world.

Blending local architecture and culture, the design philosophy for the project stemmed from the ancient Hakka communities and their houses. The abundance of bamboo in the Nakun region paved the way for the designers to use it as the primary material for the villa.  Not only used as design tool but a means of interior decoration as well, the intricacies of bamboo form the identity of this blissful modern design.

Concrete was spared where possible with the use of bamboo remaining the focal point throughout, with the designers enlisting the help of local skilled craftsmen to help build puddle walls for the backyard. Despite being a type of construction that has been lost in history, C&C Design used the traditional ‘puddle’ practice to highlight the studio’s dedication to culture.  The use of conventional building techniques such as the use of bamboo, puddle walls, roofing tiles and river stones help only add to the rich and eclectic landscape.

The space contains stilted structure in the front with an open courtyard at the back with dry and wet areas. The front part is a stilted building supported by 32 wooden stakes, including guest room and viewing balcony. The reconstruction of the hot springs helped aid the artistic beauty and functionality of the area.

The Bamboo Villa’s simplicity exudes a charisma beyond its basic make-up; presenting the eternity of the picturesque Longmen district in Guangdong, China.