Your home has never sounded, nor looked so good.

Scandinavian design continues to break expectations, with the latest project from Danish electronic company Bang & Olufsen delivering the new Beoplay A6 stereo that elegantly adapts to any surroundings and any home.

Featuring a unique design that gives listeners a signature sound wherever the speaker is placed, the intuitive touch interface makes it possible to control the speaker without a smartphone. Simply swiping up and down the stereo-top will change your song within an instant- ensuring that those precious moments without being reliant on your smartphone can be upheld.

The Beoplay A6 speaker blends custom created wool fabrics by Kvadrat to present a signature style, which can be switched in a variety of colours- ranging from light grey, dark grey, dark rose and dusty blue. Possessing the versatility to match your mood, the variety of aesthetics ensure that the speaker system will be suitably styled across any interior.

The functional, simplistic shape allows the Beoplay A6 to be placed on a wall, table, corner or shelf as it combines a five channel experience with two 60 watt class woofers, one 60 watt full range and two 30 watt tweeters. Complimenting the main system is a backwards pointing speaker that maximises the spaciousness of sound, no matter where it is placed in the room.

The speakers also contain multi-room technology which enable it to link with other Bang & Olufsen products which can be connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or airplay.

Quite simply, the Beoplay A6 is the only sound system you will ever need.