On the Spanish island of Menorca is a charming fishing village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. With narrow streets, whitewashed houses, sandy beaches and rocky coves, its beauty inspires all who visit it. Such was the case for Spanish designer Anjara García, who was so awed by the village of Binibeca that she named her swimwear label — Benibeca — after it.

The spirit of the paradisiacal village is captured in the brand's contemporary men's swim shorts and resort wear, which are characterised by exclusive prints and striking colours. An avid traveller, García draws on her extensive overseas voyages and immersion in diverse cultures to inform her design approach.

"When I work on the prints, I try to isolate myself from all the conventional influences and focus on my experiences," García says. "I am inspired mainly by cultural and ethnic references that I collect on my travels. Africa, Latin America and Asia”.

She harnesses inspirations such as traditional tapestries, photographs, illustrations, silhouettes and textures, amalgamating everything together for an utterly unique result: Think ancient South American motifs mingled with French Polynesia-inspired colour palettes or African tribal patterns printed against shades of the Mediterranean landscape.

“My work is mainly about sensations and what shapes and colours convey in a totally subjective way," she says.

Aside from its good looks, Benibeca's swimwear is designed to last. The brand strives to move away from the realms of fast fashion and mass consumerism, pursuing a distinctive discourse that goes beyond trends or seasonality. Timeless designs and innovative construction mean swim shorts that will see you through many a summer.

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