Instagram is a powerful tool for artists, serving as a platform from which to share their work with a boundless and immediately responsive audience. On the flip side of this, it provides art-lovers like us with a wellspring of inspiration. From immersive installation art to minimalist line paintings; impressive sculpture to captivating landscape photography, there's something for everyone. Scroll on for 10 of our favourite artists to follow on Instagram. These are the names you need to know...

The best artists to follow on Instagram


Nuria Maria is a Dutch artist who specialises in painting as well video/music installation. Through her work she attempts to capture the atmosphere of certain moments – whether it's the changing light across the Dutch countryside or a distant memory. Follow her account for calming images of her minimalist yet colourful artworks.


Barcelona-based artist Aythamy Armas creates expressive paintings and drawings that attempt to "remove the theoretical halo of abstraction". His large scale scribbles, usually made using Conté pencixeel on canvas, are guaranteed to elevate your daily social media scroll.


London-based artist Ethan Caflisch's interest in tonality and texture lends itself to an eclectic art practice characterised by linear and organic forms, bold colours and raw materials. Despite their restrained compositions, his paintings and textile works manage to convey a lot about the human condition. Shop his work through Tappan.


Christiane Spangsberg is a self-taught artist from Denmark who has rapidly built up a huge Instagram following thanks to her impressive abstract paintings and one-line drawings that tap into the current obsession with minimalist line art. Her work is simple yet impactful and almost hypnotic in the way it deals with form and figures.


Jean-Baptiste Besançon is a French artist who experiments with lines, shapes and colours to create vibrant and expressive abstract paintings. Inspired by the likes of Jackson Pollock and Pierre Soulages, he combines force and delicacy to result in perfectly balanced canvases that are subtle yet strong.


Polish artist Agniesza Owsiany specialises in textile making, using various yarns to create beautiful textured wall art that offers a refreshing change from traditional paintings. A combination of detailed close-ups of the textiles, photographs of Owsiany working in the studio and her art hanging in situ characterise her irresistible Instagram feed.


James Needham is an Australian photographer who captures urban landscapes across the US, creating photographs that are reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s colourful city scenes. Be warned: a scroll through his Instagram feed is guaranteed to induce some serious wanderlust. Shop James' work through Tappan.


Self-taught Polish artist Igor Moritz may only be in his early twenties, but he's already making waves in the contemporary art world. His vivid Fauvism-inspired paintings and drawings feature enigmatic characters who always seem to be trapped in some sort of personal turmoil. The saturated colours and bold compositions are immediately entralling.


Joyous colour and playful shapes characterise the work of Micke Lindeberghe, a Sydney-based artist whose bold compositions – which are inspired by Japanese comics, Scandinavian design and the balmy Sydney summertime – will no-doubt invigorate your feed.


Sainte Maria is an illustrator based in St. Petersburg, Russia whose artistic style is inspired by a whole range of influences, including children's drawings, graphic design and minimalistic abstract art. She makes use of simple forms and a faded nature-inspired colour palette, always injecting her illustrations with a dash of whimsy.

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