What to tell your barber about which cut to go for when you have thin hair? The really good news is that there is a large variety of options which will add a sharp, stylish and elegant haircut to your daily style. Key is to know what works best both for your personal head of hair and for your personal chosen overall look. With that in mind, we've rounded up the best haircuts for men with thin hair. All that's left is to decide which one suits you. 

Best haircuts for men with thin hair

Buzz cut

By far the easiest option and one that's going to work in every setting. True, the first time you get a buzz cut might require a little courage, but trust us, you're not going to regret it. A classic buzz cut is the same length all over - your barber will offer the possibilities, such as a number one (most radical) or a number three (more like a brush cut) - and you can also decide to go longer at the top and shorter at the sides. Easy to maintain if you have a home clipper, even easier to wash and go.   

Short Caesar cut

As the name suggests, this one has been around for a while. Signature part of the look is a radically cropped fringe, perfect for finer hair. The rest of the cut is more traditional, with a short cut all over - again ideal for fine hair. To this general formula, the short Caesar adds a fade to sides and back which has obvious benefits for thinner hair. It's a versatile look, both distinctive and flattering. Again, it's perfect for those who prefer minimal maintenance and of course for anyone named Julius.  

Comb over with fade

Here you - or your barber - are combing over the thickest hair to augment thin hair to the top of your head. A sharp parting is part of the look, and you'll need to grow your hair for maximum comb over. It's a simple, classic and easily maintained style - one that will require, however, a fair amount of hair product to hold at its best throughout your busy day and social evening. A comb over with fade adds tapered faded sides to the comb over for an even more confident look. Slick.  

Textured crop

Sides and back are sharply cropped in this popular cut. It's up to you and your barber whether these are tapered or faded, since this is a cut with a variety of options, depending on personal preference. The real skill is what happens on top where the look is both textured and layered to maximise your finer hair. The right cut will augment and enhance the thickness that you do have in your hair and, again, is best maintained using your chosen products. Done well, the textured crop will give you the look of voluminous hair up top.    

Slicked back undercut

A highly contemporary cut that will effortlessly take you from suited and booted for work, to out on the town for cocktails later. The shorter the back and the sides are, the more dramatic this cut will appear. For finer hair, this is a distinct plus. Up top long hair at the front - and again you'll need to grow your hair for the slicked back undercrop to work best - is slicked backwards so that it blends seamlessly with the undercut sides and back. Hair products easily keep this style in place. What you're looking for a shine and a polish on top. The on-trend option.

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