In need of a fresh chop? Us too. With the onset of summer, we're embracing short haircuts that need minimal maintenance and won't weigh us down. Because who really has time to be faffing around with long, unruly locks when the sun is out and the beer garden is calling?

The best thing about short haircuts for men is that they work with any type of hair, from tight curls to poker straight, so you really can't go wrong. What's more, there's a short haircut for every face shape, and a multitude of variations between each style, so you're guaranteed to find a cut that's flattering.

How to style a short haircut

Thankfully, short hair is far easier and a lot less time consuming to style than long hair. However, if you want to keep your short hair looking neat and tidy, you'll most likely have to pay a visit to the barber every three or so weeks for a freshen up. This is particularly true of super short styles, as medium-short haircuts will have a little more freedom to grow out.

If you have longer hair at the top, don't be afraid to muss it up with some gel or sea salt spray in order to achieve a relaxed, beachy look while keeping the sides nice and neat. A smarter look calls for a little bit of medium hold pomade, which should be run through with your fingers or a comb once your hair is blow dried to your desired angle.

5 of the best short haircuts for men

Trying to find a short 'do that's right for you? You've come to the right place. From buzz cuts to undercuts, these are five of the best short haircuts for men that are trending in 2021.

The buzz cut

Simple and straightforward, a fuss-free buzz cut requires practically no maintenance or styling, so it's ideal for busy men on the go (or those who'd prefer to spend their mornings sleeping in). This military-inspired haircut is easy to achieve at home with clippers and a razor, but for ultimate precision and no dodgy patches, we recommend enlisting the services of your barber, who'll be able to help guide you on exactly the sort of buzz cut to get – whether its a traditional ultra-short buzz cut or something with a bit more personality, like a buzz cut with skin fade, which leaves slightly more length on the top, or Caeser buzzcut, characterised by a small horizontal fringe.

The crew cut

The classic crew cut is a short and sharp low-maintenance look that will never go out of style. Unlike a buzz cut, there's slightly more length on the top than the sides, which allows for more styling options – a tiny bit of gel through the front section to create a slight quiff will add just the right amount of sophistication. Crew cuts work with any face shape, but it's particularly beneficial for rounder faces, as the closely cropped sides and additional length on top will elongate the face and emphasise the jaw line. Keep things simple with a traditional crew cut or get experimental, by opting for a side-parted crew cut or a more intense tapered fade at the sides.

The texturised crop

The popularity of the texturised crop has increased dramatically in recent years thanks to its prominence in the period drama Peaky Blinders. Citing Cillian Murphy's character Thomas Shelby as their inspiration, more and more men are asking their barbers for the 'Peaky Blinders haircut', which is essentially short on the back and sides of the head with a longer length on top and a sweeping fringe that reaches to the left or right around the back. For Arthur Shelby's haircut, ask for an undercut, which involves completely shaving the sides and back, leaving a mass of long hair on the top of the head that can be slicked back.

The Ivy League haircut

The Ivy League haircut is one of the most popular short haircuts for men, thanks to its versatile and timeless appeal. As its name suggests, it has its origins in preppy collegiate style, so it's ideal if you're after a more dapper aesthetic. The look is similar to that of a crew cut in that the hair is longer at the front than back, but it's slightly more grown out and often parted at the side and styled with wax for a slick, sophisticated finish. This is a great middleground option if you're not quite ready to commit to super short hair.

The low fade pompadour

The pompadour haircut, which involves short sides and a voluminous quiff on top, was first popularised in the 1950s by the likes of rock 'n' roll stars such as Elvis Presley. Today, the style is just as popular, and there is an array of variations on the classic, from undercut pompadours to curly pompadours. One of the more contemporary pompadour haircuts is the low fade pompadour, which involves short, tapered sides and a long, textured top. The low fade keeps things looking clean cut, while the full pompadour on top adds the perfect amount of flair.

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