The thrill of the chase.

Inspired by the BMW Monolever generation, Diamond Atelier present the limited edition ‘Mark II Series’.

In quintessential style, the bike boasts an abundance of speed and power – a trademark of the brand’s aggressive, low-slung bikes. In order to produce the dynamic design, the Munich-based custom motorcycle workshop joined forces with BMW Motorrad designer Julian Weber to ensure the bike was as authentic and consequently, as reliable as possible.

Through the assistance of Weber, the bike blends the slender and elegant BMW design with the staunch and aggressive nature of Diamond . The Mark II comes with either an 800cc or 1000cc engine and can be ordered to personal tastes across three stages. Stage one has a slightly modified 41mm BMW fork, with refurbished original rear shocks, powder coated original wheels, street tires and 285mm BMW brake discs. The stage two option adds two custom wheels and semi-slick tiles while the third stage possesses a Supersport upside-down fork, CNC-machined triple clamps, Wilbers rear shocks and 320mm aftermarket brake discs.

Diamond Atelier's greatest ever design, the Mark II Series, is available now with prices starting at $24,000. For full purchase information head to the Diamond Atelier website.

Images courtesy of Diamond Atelier.