Pure passion, pure design and pure riding pleasure; the epitome of motorcycling, courtesy of the BMW R Nine T.

Born out of Belgian motorcycle workshop, MotoKouture, renowned for their meticulously hand-fabricated bikes, the BMW R Nine T is an entirely unique masterpiece.

This R Nine T model was designed and decorated like no other. The bespoke bike is quite simply impossible to replicate, as the team at MotoKouture created the mould in its entirety to achieve the truly spectacular silhouette of this two-wheeler.

Just to ensure the bike was not to be replicated, however, the mould was later destroyed to ensure this BMW R Nine T is entirely original; we consider it a fitting tribute to one of the most astounding feats in modern mechanical engineering and design.

Quite simply the fastest BMW R Nine T to tread the road, the traditional motorcycle silhouette merely conceals what lies beneath; a modern power unit with accompanying air-cooled flat twin camshafts that ensures the drivability defies its retro-styled aesthetic.

The power is then fed to the rear wheel via a constant mesh, high-tec 6-speed gearbox with helical gear teeth whilst the suspension is provided by modern upside-down forks that ensure you ride in consummate comfort and eternal style.

Amplifying the retrospective design, the BMW R Nine T combines the feeling of carefree riding with a nonchalant, stylish look which, in spite of its manufactured creation, is unmistakably a member of the BMW family.