“The details are not the details; they are the design.”

Austrian motorcycle-workshop Vagabund have created a simply magnificent custom BMW R100R Café Racer- updating the classic aesthetic with simple lines, assured performance and a stealth-inspired black-on-black design.

Despite their tender years, Vagabund, established in 2015, have made a big impression on the vastly populated custom-bike world. Born out of the desire to ‘enhance the essence and magic of classic motorcycles, and create unique pieces of art,’ it is easy to conclude that their latest concept, the R100R, is loyal to the brand’s strong philosophy.

The Vagabund workshop handcrafted all the simplistic, subtle lines to update the aesthetic, performance, and most importantly, ride of the bike. In doing so, the care and attention exhibited on the R100R is clear to see; every line is clean, every angle is complimented.

Primarily, the two-tone tank remains the vocal point, perfectly complimented with the airhead below. While the essence of a Café Racer is felt through the detailed paint finishes around every fin and around the engine block, which is a theme that flows closely throughout the bike to the two-tone tank. The engine, however, is the most awe-inspiring aspect of the entire bike; complete with silver-trimmed fins from the header mount to block. Which creates an essence of restraint, a subtle confidence, that ordinarily only exists in veteran bikes and classic models.

But that just signifies the strength of this concept R100R. The oversized suspension handles are designed to provide exemplary handling on both city streets and beaten tracks, while the smooth, upward-facing exhaust and fork-mounted mirrors add subtle touches of personality and enthusiasm to the custom model.

The two-tone black and steel-grey colour scheme that flows throughout the motorcycle finishes the design in an assured style, which makes this commanding BMW R100R one of the finest motorbikes to ever catch the OPUMO eye.

Take a closer look at the bike below and follow Vagabund on Instagram @vagabund_moto for daily updates on their latest projects and prized pieces.