“Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature.”

The Boandyne House by SVMSTUDIO in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, reflects the tranquillity and dynamism of 21st century architecture.

Located at the end of a rural cul-de-sac, the property rises 3-metres from the north side of the structure to stand formatively over the garden and stretching swimming pool. Situated in alignment to the neighbouring houses and resting on a slope, the parcel formation of the property was implemented to enhance the space and outlook of the house. In doing so, SVMSTUDIO create a dynamic interior, full of light and space, forming a strong relationship with the sky by three organised voids along the diagonal of the property.

The ground floor also possesses a strong relationship with nature, with the views of the garden and contrasting light streaming from above creating a serene feel throughout. Through the subtle relationship with the earth and sky the property has no limits; the decoration of space and light is enough to create a clear expression of minimalism.

Take a closer look at the entire property below and check out the SVMSTUDIO Website for more contemporary housing projects.