The Bowlus Road Chief will change your perception of camping.  Whether you are an avid star-gazing sleeper or a stickler for home comforts, the Bowlus expertly caters for all.

Made to last a lifetime, the Bowlus is screwed, bolted and riveted without adhesives for a clean, minimalist exterior. Added features include a luxurious heated floor and an extremely light body work that ensures the camper can be easily towed by any car, regardless of shape and size.

Despite all its charms, the Road Chief’s simply elegant exterior is what sets it apart as a unique, attractive and seemingly adored piece of modern design.

Expert artisans have combined aerodynamic engineering with art-modern style to create the spectacular camper trailer. From its polished aircraft-grade aluminium shell, accented with lines of raised rivets and elliptical windows complete with brass mesh, the Road Chief is truly a stunning mobile metal sculpture.

Recently reborn and reimagined, Bowlus have stayed faithful to the original design features of their first edition Bowlus in 1935 to create a beautiful, yet practical camper.

Perfect for an afternoon of inspiration or an undisturbed cross country adventure, the Road Chief makes a life on the road more exciting than ever.

Take a closer look at the Bowlus Road Chief photographed in the idyllic woodland setting below. Images courtesy of Petrolicious.