Brain Dead is a creative collective of artists and designers from around the world. With a subversive approach, the brand projects an eccentric aesthetic that can't be pigeonholed. Its bold graphic-led designs take cues from post punk, underground comics, skateboarding and the spirit of subculture as a whole. Keen to get your hands on some Brain Dead garms? You'll want to read our ultimate Brain Dead sizing guide first to find your perfect fit.

Brain Dead sizing notes

  • Brain Dead clothing generally fits true to size, so take your normal size.
  • In keeping with Brain Dead's streetwear aesthetic, most of its clothing is designed to have a somewhat slouchy fit, so keep this in mind when purchasing.
  • Brain Dead uses international sizes – from XXS to XXL. Use the size charts below to convert your EU or US/UK size to the appropriate Brain Dead size.
  • Refer to specific product pages for exact size measurements.

Brain Dead men's tops size chart

When it comes to buying Brain Dead sweaters, tees and jackets, you generally won't find anything tight fitting, as the style is intended to be more relaxed. Take your normal size or opt for a size down if you'd prefer a more fitted look.


Brain Dead men's trousers size chart

Brain Dead's trousers are designed for ultimate comfort and ease-of-movement, which is why they usually boast loose-fitting wide legged styles. For the intended baggy look, take your normal size.


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