“The very architecture of our universe is the struggle between opposites, with everything that we know and love resting on a tenuous crux between these frequent extremes.”




Taking inspiration from the natural world, Parabellum work to the mantra ‘respect the past, live in the present and embrace the future’. ‘Embracing the future’ through the longevity and quality of each handcrafted leather good that the brand produce.

Based in Los Angeles, Parabellum have a sincere reverence for Western America and the honouree Bison, which neared extinction in the turn of the 20th century before making an impressive comeback this century. With their numbers continuing to grow, courtesy of the sustainability provided by brands like Parabellum.



The exclusive, ethically-sourced Bison leather is just one element which ensures Parabellum’s unique styling is upheld. But as much as it is about the selective use of Bison, the leather goods exist as exquisite pieces in their own right. Richly textured, deep coloured and beautifully crafted card-holders, wallets and zip pouches form the pillars of Parabellum’s impressive accessory selection.


Having recently launched online at OPUMO, the Parabellum collection combines master craftsmanship, exceptional materials and innovative design. Ensuring that they are not only built to last a lifetime, but they will age beautifully, too.

Shop the Parabellum collection online at OPUMO.