Words by Alek Rose 

Welcome to the OPUMO Brand Focus. In this series we'll be introducing you to a few of our favourite brands, some you may already have heard of and others may be completely new to you, but don't worry - we'll be giving you the full rundown. Beginning with a full focus on British watchmaker Uniform Wares.

Uniform Wares

The Story

Uniform Wares was founded in 2009 in London by Oliver Fowles. The unbranded premium timepieces speak for themselves, embodying the brand’s self-assured and cool outlook on its journey: quality will be recognised on its own accord, flashy marketing is an unnecessary distraction.

Uniform Wares

The Mission

From the jump, Uniform Wares watches have been designed and developed completely in-house, leaving the London studio only for assembly in Switzerland. Sitting at a price point that isn’t commonly explored, Uniform Wares products will cost more than a standard timepiece due to their outstanding quality, but reach their limit at around £750, stopping well short of most premium watches. With a range of minimal styles and price points, there’s something for everyone.

The Inspiration

The main driving force for the brand is simple: quality. Through a do-it-yourself attitude, CEO Oliver Fowles and Creative Director Michael Carr have dedicated the last 9 years to the search for the perfect watch. A desire to improve on the past - not by adding more, but by stripping back the superfluous - has positioned Uniform Wares at the forefront of watch-making in London and beyond.

Uniform Wares

Uniform Wares

Our Favourite Uniform Wares Watches

Brushed Steel / Brown Nappa M37 Two Hand Watch

The M37 is the starting point for the collection, a perennial classic. The clean white face contrasts with minimal black dial markings, all framed by 316L stainless steel to form the uncluttered front cover of this watch. Combine this with the brown Milanese Nappa leather strap and you have a recipe for a minimalist’s dream watch.

Satin Gold / Black Nappa C35 Two Hand Watch

At a slightly higher price point than the M37 is the C35. The smaller face of the C35 is a throwback to watches of the mid-20th Century. This watch carries an unmistakeable class, we think it’s the perfect accompaniment to a sharp suit.

Satin Gold / Black Nappa C41 Chronograph Watch

The C35’s bigger brother - the C41 Chronograph - continues in the same vein as the C35 but is a little more forthcoming. With a 41mm face diameter it’s larger but shows the restraint common to all Uniform Wares products.

Uniform Wares

Check out the whole collection of Uniform Wares watches and stay tuned for more brand focuses, where we’ll be highlighting new brands for you in the coming weeks.