Amongst the most unusually-unpopular presidential election of all-time, all eyes are fixed on America. In reality, the adoring, prying and interested eyes of the world never fall that far from the states anyway, and the latest body of work from Cali Thornhill DeWitt is proof of that.

The man who has most recently designed Kanye West’s Pablo Merchandise, Cali Thornhill DeWitt has launched his latest project at the Eighteen Gallery in Copenhagen. Titled ’29 Flags’, the body of works consists of 29 vintage Stars & Stripes banners that have been decorated in flock lettering that each refers to a specific event in American history – with each signature presented in various sizes from various time periods and places across history.

Appropriately, the chosen events reflect the moments in time that America mesmerised the rest of the world. Some events are perhaps more significant than others, but they all represent stories that all unfolded in real time under the unavoidable eye of the mainstream media. DeWitt deconstructs these moments in the exhibition through his language that spreads from haiku poetry, TV shop, breaking news and texts messages.

Landmark events such as the death of Marilyn Monroe, The Waco siege, the Elvis comeback and the O.J Simpson trial are all referenced throughout the exhibition, and are used to highlight the complex and fragmented world. But rather than being totally negative, the character of the exhibition alludes to a curious, defiant and hopeful future.

Make sure you pay a visit to Eighteen Gallery in Copenhagen before November 19th to see the 29 Flags exhibition in full.