Bugatti are at the forefront of the sports car sequence, famed for their enigmatic Veyron model, the Italian manufacturer are set to make new waves in modern motoring through their exclusive collaboration with esteemed yacht builder Palmer Johnson. Creating a series of unique, luxury, carbon fibre sport yachts.

Having experimented with the development of racing boats in the 1930’s, company founder Ettore Bugatti is reviving the forlorn and forgotten designs more than 80 years later. The ‘Niniette’ line will be available in three models from 42 feet to 88 feet, and naturally will feature distinctive Bugatti design elements and advanced, innovative materials.

In quintessential Bugatti style, the design for the sea vessels are characterised by the falling shoulder line of the brand’s Type 57 C Atalante and the more refined, balanced lines, of the Type 41 Royal. The intricate, well thought out relationship between the iconic Palmer Johnson ‘Niniette’ and Bugatti’s revered design DNA is accentuated through the inclusion of an exaggerated waist line and the complimenting two-tone colour scheme. As a result, the elegant, contrasting blend of lightweight titanium and dark blue exposed carbon fibre adds a stealth-inspired feel to the boat.

On deck, the combination of an opulent maple and oak wood provides a natural, nautical contrast to the high-tech materials used for the exterior. The yacht series acts as more than just an aesthetic experiment, or a matrimony of two iconic brands, as the vessels exist as stunning concepts of modern engineering in their own right.

Which derives from the fact that the hull is based on Palmer Johnson’s ‘Supersport’ series – a hull which boasts two side projections to provide greater stability at maximum speed. With the vessel touted to reach a top speed of around 70kmh, the yacht supplements both the luxurious and speed-seeking requirements to create the perfect vessel.

A maverick creation that expertly blends two experienced and iconic brands, the Carbon Fibre Yacht by Bugatti and Palmer Johnson highlights both brand’s intuitive nature. Pushing the boundaries of modern engineering and design to new, uncharted waters.