Gone are the days of imposing stereo systems and record players. The digital revolution has inspired an age of sleek sound bars and wireless speakers, neatly tucked away in the crevices of our homes, or better still, forming their own focus within an interior. Highlighting the sign of the times, Verona based designer Paolo Cappello has created the Caruso; a Bluetooth music cabinet for avant-garde Italian furniture company Miniforms.

The cabinet’s design was garnered from Cappello’s desire to reference the gramophones of yesteryear. Created to provide a visual stimulus to appease the music, Cappello wanted to break out of the mundanity of modern music players to provide a distinctive and striking cabinet that is instantly recognisable.

The cabinet measures 39 inches wide and is available in a multitude of prominent colours that include; silk grey, dusty grey, black, white, coral pink, pastel blue, and for those with a penchant for luxury, a limited edition version. Equipped with 18th century Oakwood and a 24 carat gold plated trumpet speaker.

The Caruso is an ideal accompaniment to any room, with the speaker’s unique shape and style the perfect blend of modern technology and classic design. A treat for the senses.