Excellent design and good value don't have to be mutually exclusive. This is the underpinning principle of Case Furniture, a furniture design studio that is making the — ahem — case for affordable yet characterful contemporary furniture that doesn't compromise on quality.

Established in London in 2006, Case has earned itself a reputation as a go-to brand for everything from sofas and armchairs to shelving units, coffee tables and home accessories. Using cutting-edge technology and advanced manufacturing techniques, Case manages to make premium design accessible for the mass market.

What sets Case apart from other furniture companies is its collaboration with world-renowned award-winning designers. By drawing on the specific expertise of designers such as Matthew Hilton, Shin Azumi, David Irwin, Marina Bautier and Nazanin Kamali, Case is able to produce furniture and homewares of the highest possible quality.

“We choose designers because we like their work and, importantly they have a passion for what they do," says Case's Director Paul Newman. "That experience shines through in each product and we hope that the marriage of design, knowledge and function is equally evident.”

Each of the designers brings their own experience, skillset and personal design aesthetic to the brand, culminating in a range of unique pieces that will bring any home to life. Take Matthew Hilton's minimalist Eos Lounge Armchair, for instance. Cleverly constructed from powder-coated aluminium that resists weathering and rusting, it's part of an award-winning range of functional yet utterly stylish outdoor pieces. Or Nazanin Kamali's elegant Celine Desk — inspired by the simple forms of Mid-century architecture. No matter what furniture piece — or pieces — you opt for, you can be guaranteed that its designer has laboured lovingly to produce something unique that will undoubtedly enrich your home.

  1. Eos Sofa Armchair by Matthew Hilton
  2. Lucent Mirror by Matthew Hilton
  3. 675 Chair by Robin Day
  4. Tanso Side Chair by David Irwin
    From £365
  5. Core Pendant by Terence Woodgate
    From £130
  6. Cross Oval Coffee Table by Matthew Hilton
    From £830
  7. Tanso Rectangular Table by David Irwin
    From £1,795
  8. Petal Chopping Board by Gareth Neal
  9. Profile Chair by Matthew Hilton
    From £295
  10. Tanso Armchair by David Irwin
    From £420
  11. Cross Side Table by Matthew Hilton
    From £340
  12. Arca Wall Box by David Irwin
    From £420
  13. Particle Shelving by Shin Azumi
    From £475

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