Having previously featured on the OPUMO Magazine for his reimagined scenes of a hotel in Munich, Victor Enrich returns with his latest series of City Portraits – a collection of digitally manipulated images that transform photos into architectural illusions.

Throughout his travels across Europe, Enrich re-envisages everyday landscapes through his kaleidoscopic experiments of space and architecture. In doing so, Enrich explores the limits of new cities through stretching, scaling, twisting and erupting different buildings into entirely new facades. Turning buildings upside down, inside out, and more deceivingly split into two; the curvature and varying forms of each structure creates a whole new outlook on how we interpret the uniform aesthetic of cityscapes.

Enrich, who also works as a 3D architectural visualizer, described the process of his unique, eccentric conceptions to Dezeen: “What I basically do is create a 3D virtual environment out of a 2D photograph. The process involves capturing the perspective, then the geometry, then the materials and finally the lighting.”

Alongside ‘camera matching’ and ‘perspective matching’ techniques, Enrich completes the large majority of the intricate details by hand, which gives his work his own unique stamp of authority and style.

Take a closer look at Enrich’s enchanting image series below.