BMW's most famous advertising slogan was "sheer driving pleasure". That's never been more true than for Munich-made machinery from late last century or early this one. These are bullet-proof cars designed not only to last until the next ice age and beyond but to offer rather a lot of sheer driving pleasure in the meantime. We've picked out three choice modern classic BMWs to buy now, which could — should — become your daily drivers. The only difficulty: which one to buy.

BMW E38 750iL | Price: £19,995 | Year: 2000 | Engine: 5,379 cc V12, 322 bhp

What's this? A V12 for less than the price of a new Ford Focus? Fetch the chequebook! This 7-series limousine is the long-wheelbase model, perfect for wafting around while lounging in the unmarked Sand Beige Montana leather. The exterior finish of Cosmos Black Metallic offers studied anonymity that will last until the moment when you give the BMW's accelerator more than a little prod. There’s no doubt it's the grumble of that exquisite V12 that's the real attraction here, offering Lamborghini level bragging rights at the pub. Also: you'll be opening the bonnet just to look at this BMW work of art. Values can surely only increase. In the meantime make sure you've enough in the wallet to satisfy its appetite at the petrol pump.

BMW E30 325i Motorsport | Price: £29,995 | Year: 1983 | Engine: 2,494 cc straight six, 169 bhp

The E30 era of BMW's 3-series executive express is without doubt the most desirable of the modern smaller BMWs. This Convertible model, with the additional bodykit and stiffened suspension that comes with the limited edition "Motorsport" tag, is among the most sought-after of all E30 3-series. BMW's renowned straight six engine ensures that this is no mere boulevard cruiser, even if, top down on a sunny day, the BMW will transform even the most mundane of English seafronts into the continental boulevard of your choice. The Macao Blue Metallic colourway is specific to Motorsport models while what BMW called Silver Bubble Leather to the interior is cool both in looks and to recline in. The sybaritic choice.

BMW E31 840Ci Sport | Price: £28,995 | Year: 1997 | Engine: 4,398 cc V8, 282 bhp

Is this the ultimate late 20th century sports coupe? Just look at  it. Flip-up lights? Check. Sleek Bavarian style? Check. Swift BMW V8? Just start it up and listen. BMW's Barbados Green Metallic provides a distinctive finish that will point out to all and sundry that you've arrived, while the Mexico Green piping to the immaculate Black Nappa Leather interior provides another individual touch. This example has been treated to a glass-out respray costing in excess of £8,000 and is one of the desirable Sport models. Open the doors to an interior that features switches - lots of switches - to control the BMW's many features, including cruise control and an electric sliding roof. Perfect for your next trip to the luxury resort of your choice, though camping gear will fit in the large boot, too.

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