The sights and sounds of the natural world.

Roberto Pugliese, an intuitive Italian sound artist, combines the acoustic qualities of modern technology with the poetic beauty of natural materials for his new exhibit; ‘Concerto for Still Life’.

Known for curating large installations of cables and speakers, Pugliese draws energy from the tendencies of art and sound to create unique compositions that explore our relationship with space, sound, light and design. Through exploring the phenomena attached to sound and sight, Pugliese infiltrates a new exploration in to the formation of nature and technology.

‘Concerto for Still Life’ contains 13 individual chestnut tree trunks, built for purpose to contain an internal speaker that will transmit the natural sound processed from the world; starting from natural sound produced from the noise and frequencies of the various logs.

The ‘Concerto for Still Life’ intricately combines the old with the new, the natural with the artificial, to present a new expression of life.

Explore the entire exhibit below.