Spring is almost here and that means that we have the golden months of home cooking ahead of us. Fresh ingredients aplenty, thriving on the natural sunlight that they’ve been starved of over the dark depths of winter. This is an inspiring time for the chef inside us all, bringing along a whole host of new possibilities and flavours in the kitchen. We're especially excited to expand our repertoire this year thanks to the wealth of great cookbooks we’ve been compiling over winter, just dreaming of the warmer months to begin experimenting. Here are the three cookbooks that have really got our taste buds tingling.

TeNeues Bowl Stories Book

There’s something nicely informal about eating from a bowl. Even if you eat the same meal from a bowl and a plate, having it in a bowl will make it feel like a quick snack, something that’s been thrown together. It’s a no-nonsense serving vessel that you can carry with you – instead of eating at a sturdy, flat surface, take your bowl to the sofa, a windowsill or, really, anywhere you like. It’s our love of bowls that sets the foundation for our love of TeNeues Bowl Stories Book.

Authors Ben & Viola see eating from a bowl as an expression of the love of food that they describe as the ultimate pleasure. Cradle your bowl in one hand for a practical and sensual experience of your meal, keeping all of the ingredients close together and uniting them in one spoonful. This essential cookbook represents a culture clash: classic dishes are given fun twists. The recipes are easy but sophisticated and will inspire you to cook, add your own touches and try experimenting around your newfound knowledge.

Phaidon Simple & Classic: 123 Step-By-Step Recipes Book

The Sunday Times Magazine claimed that Phaidon’s Simple & Classic: 123 Step-By-Step Recipes Book was full of “deceptively easy showstoppers”. If that’s not what we’re all looking for in our cookbooks then we don’t know what is. This compilation cookbook represents the best of the best from three of Phaidon’s bestselling cookbooks. Jane Hornby’s best recipes from What to Cook & How to Cook It, Fresh & Easy, and What to Bake & How to Bake It come together in this cookbook for beginners

Detailed step-by-step shots and stunning images of the finished dishes dot the pages of this book that displays the beauty and ease of Hornby’s recipes. From herb-crusted lamb to eggs benedict and from berry crumble ice cream to chocolate mousse with cherries, Hornby’s recipes are quick, to-the-point and produce masterful final products.

TeNeues Captain’s Dinner Book 

When we think of fisherman’s meals we usually think of heavy comfort food which is not entirely wrong; TeNeues’ Captain’s Dinner Book is not short of comfort food, but you’ll also find creative fried onion herb herring, Irish surf & turf and cold smoked mullet. 

This evocative collection makes for one of the best seafood cookbooks on the market for those with a fascination of seafarers and the sea. Meticulously researched texts are accompanied by striking portraits of experienced fishermen across Europe who share their insights into the fast-changing world of fishing. 

From the shimmering sunshine of the Adriatic Coast to the two-and-a-half-metre swells of Brittany, Captain’s Dinner is a journey of maritime discovery. While we may not be able to source the ingredients to the same level of freshness, this cookbook is the best starting point for those looking to add a unique new angle to their recipe repertoire.

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