If you want to greatly improve the quality of your kitchenware, streamline your assortment of pots and pans and make your home look better in the process, then you’re going to want to get to know Crane Cookware. Read on for the full Crane Cookware review.

Borne from an interest in food and design, Crane Cookware was founded in 2014 by Charmain Ponnuthurai and industrial product designer Barnaby Tuke.

Since the brand's inception, its meticulously-made pots and pans have garnered a reputation amongst home cooks and industry chefs alike for their versatility and ease-of-use. Moving seamlessly between hob, oven and table, Crane's products can be used for everything from stewing to slow-cooking; blanching vegetables to baking bread.

Crane currently offers two ranges of cookware, stripped down to the bare essentials. Its original C-Series comprises a sauté pan, casserole dish, herringbone griddle pan and frying pan – all made in a centuries-old foundry in northern France from specially formulated vitreous enamelled, sand-cast iron. The more recent S-Series features a saucepan, a pair of 3.3L and 6L casserole dishes and frying pan, which are manufactured by highly skilled artisans in England using high performance 18/10 tri-ply stainless steel. Thanks to their hard-wearing construction, Crane's products are capable of tackling the toughest of jobs, so you'll come to rely on them time and again for myriad cooking projects. A lifetime guarantee promises decades of dependable use.

Key points to consider when it comes to Crane Cookware

  • Sustainability is at the forefront of Crane Cookware, as if lifelong durability wasn’t enough. The brand uses up to 30% recycled materials, including scrap iron, in its C-Series products.
  • The beautiful enamel finish of the C-Series, with its smooth texture, improves the cooking pans’ resistance to thermal shocks and scratches. It also makes them incredibly easy to clean.
  • The multi-layered structure of the S-Series pans provides instant, even heat distribution through the whole body of the pans, not just the base.
  • All of Crane's pots and pans are suitable for all hobs.
  • Ergonomic power grip handles make for safe, easy use and offer ultimate comfort.
  • All Crane’s cookware comes with a ten-year warranty.

Our verdict

Whether you opt for products within the C-Series or S-Series, you can be guaranteed hard-wearing kitchen companions that will make cooking a breeze and serve you well for decades. Not only are they supremely functional and high performing, but they're utterly stylish as well. A sleek, minimalist aesthetic underpins all of Crane's products: The formulated matte black enamel finish of the C-Series and the S-Series' beautiful fine-brushed stainless steel finish make for a truly elegant cookware set that will suit any kitchen.

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