Year: 2007 | Built by: Mokka

A dedicated off-roader transformed into a minimalist style statement: Meet the Honda XR650 scrambler. The result, we think you'll agree, is a subtle, sophisticated machine with more than little urban oomph.

The XR650 is designed for fast, frantic assaults on unpromising ground. Mokka have taken the look and the intent and given it a bespoke suit. The donor bike was a 2007 US-spec machine, taken apart and remade by Mokka's Árpi Bozi in his Budapest workshops.

You'll notice the slimline leather seat, a Mokka trademark. Every XR650 specialist will note that the rear mono shock has been replaced with twin YSS shock absorbers, both for comfort and visual impact. The front wheel is smaller and - another Mokka cue - the fuel tank is elegantly bespoke, mimicking a classic Honda tank.

Utilitarian mudguards are replaced by smaller, Mokka-made items, ideal for the less demanding terrain of the urban jungle, while dedicated off-road tyres have been replaced by more forgiving Heidenau K60 rubber.

Add in the less-seen but crucial details - such as a fresh subframe and custom chain guard - and the result is a minimalist take on a Honda stalwart. Colour matches the subtle approach, with a pale grey frame nicely offset by the fashionista taupe shade of the tank.

This one-off Mokka special is now back in Texas with its oh-so-fortunate owner. Want one? Budapest is just a call away.

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