“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

The appreciation of simplicity has grown in tandem with the overriding trend of minimalism. Yet, irrespective of trends, the real beauty of simplicity lasts over time, as House D by Panorama Arquitectos perfectly displays.

Comprised of a regular square volume clad in white wooden planks, the single family residence sits on a cliff face in Matanzas, 65-metres above sea level. The simplistic, square shape keeps a subtle profile against the elegant seascape and has been designed to serve the surroundings rather than intrude upon them.

As a result, the ‘D House’ features a range of large voids of various sizes that have been carved from the exterior envelope to create indoor and outdoor chasms, terraces and areas that provide different views of the surroundings. What is more, the home’s inventive shape has been designed to open up new relationships with the external environment. This is displayed by the top level rooms being rotated 45 degrees from the original grid to create expansive panoramas and to provide new places of refuge against the sun.

Images courtesy of Cristobal Valdes and Panorama Arquitectos.

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