Combining the of inimitable speed of a road bike with the simplistic elegance of a café racer; the Deus Ex Machina electric motorcycle is uniquely charismatic.

Behold, the winning entry in the Blue Peter-esque competition, held by the Australian aficionados themselves, Deus Ex Machine, to find the best motorcycle design of a signature electric motorcycle.

Congratulations to the winning concept, designed by Melbourne-based Joe Fischer and Ryan Mischkulnig, who adapted the design from an original Honda C90 Cub, renovating the exterior in to an entirely new café racer inspired aesthetic.

Extensive renovations spread far and wide across every aspect of the bike, commencing with stripping away the airbox, mudguards and engine mounts in favour of installing classic copper tubing to define the lines in a stylish, custom finish.

The contemporary design is refined with blacked-out wheels and a mid-century teal paint job to complete the vintage aesthetic of the remodelled bike.

Lovingly conceived, the custom bike contains an electric motor which continues to exude the minimalist, fuss-free design of the motorcycle, while the electric mechanism itself ensures the bike is an ethical, environmentally-friendly method of travel.

A covetable addition to any garage, the Deus Ex Machina combines youthful energy and a classic design for an unequivocally special riding experience.