The brighter side of life.

The exclusive ‘Who Say Jah No Dread’ exhibition from Belgrade-born artist Djordje Ozbolt showcases idiosyncratic interpretations from his travels, personal experiences and views on modern culture.

All enlaced with Ozbolt’s enigmatic charm and sharp wit, the combination of paintings and sculptures combine to offer an all-encompassing experience for all; be it art devotees or first-time viewers.

The centrepiece of the whole exhibit is undisputedly the totem pole structure of animals stacked upon each other and painted in customary Rasta-inspired colours of red, black, yellow and green. Poetically the dove sits atop of the structure, held aloft by the extended finger of a Chimpanzee, sitting on a Kudu, on top of a Cheetah, all resting on the back of an Elephant. A visible menagerie of colour and concept.

Elsewhere, Ozbolt’s eccentric sculptures are appeased with paintings of more exotic settings, dominated by vibrant blue skies and tropical landscapes. Again the motif of animals features heavily, with hybrid creations acting as a vocal point across the paintings and are accentuated with further sculptures which include a mythical beast that boasts a Tiger’s head and half Giraffe, half Zebra body.

The collision of traditional European genres with stereotypically African motifs continues throughout the whole exhibit, offering a completely enchanting, inspiring and simply gratifying experience time after time.