Electric stealth is the key to Washington State customiser Droog Moto's blacked out Volcon Brat. Starting life as a credible - it'll do almost 30 mph - e-bike, the Brat now boasts a street style designed with as much care and attention as Droog lavish on bikes with four times the top speed. Working with Volcon themselves, Max and Erica Droog have come up with a 3D-printed kit designed to turn the Volcon into the little Brat that very much could.


Allscape tyres add dual sport allure with extra thick sidewalls, pumped up discs by MT7E combine with a kill switch for maximum stopping power, bespoke suspension front and rear is by DNM, race-style headlight is a Droog trademark, with night-time illumination taken care of by a Diode Dynamics LED behind the front forks. Lightweight wheel inserts are removable - and yes that is a faux fuel tank, to complete an impeccable look.

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