Beyond retro.

Vintage styling evokes emotion that modern machines simply cannot, ordinarily at the sacrifice of reliability and performance. However, the Ducati GT1000 by TTRNO defies tradition by combining a thoroughly modern performer with a distinct retro appeal.

That illusive combination of modern functionality and classic appeal certifies the Ducati GT1000 to be one of the finest motorcycles in recent history. With the prices of GT1000’s steadily rising worldwide, the iconic allure of the bike indicates it is likely to expand above and beyond its current fervour to mould in to an all-time classic.

This particular GT1000 has been fully restored to its formative years’ courtesy of The Transport Revolution garage in New Orleans.  With a kerb weight of 185 kilograms and a 992 cc engine, the outline was already in place to make it a formidable force on the road once more.

The restoration began with a full deconstruction of the machine, with a thorough inspection of each component to observe the areas of improvement. Following this, a hand built 2-1-2 exhaust by Wicked brothers was added alongside a new LED headlight, a modified Sport 1000S fuel tank and subtle aesthetic improvements in the form of Biltwell grips and Woodcraft rear sets.

The newly comprised bike boasts improved performance over the stoutly impressive original, with the injection of a breeze blue colour scheme and complimenting tan details, updating the bike in a sophisticated style.

Take a closer look at the Ducati 1000S below.