How you envisage your dream motorbike to be conceived is how Union Motorcycle painstakingly, yet poetically, restore all machines under their supervision.

Based in a 100-year-old barn in the 19th century railroad town of Nampa, Idaho, Mike Watanabe and Luke Ransom of Union Motorcycle recondition classic British and European motorcycles through dedication, devotion and attention to detail.

Their most recent creation, the Ducati Monza Super, belonging to Kurt Bergquist, who picked up the Ducati in an elegant 1969 VW Double Cab-Pick Up, is testament to the garage’s expertise.

Arriving in boxes, the Ducati was rebuilt from scratch. Union installed a new racing-shape seat, fibreglass fairing and tank- reminiscent of a classic Ducati 750 Sport Unit. Alongside a substantial amount of metal fabrications and machining, in the form of mandatory rearsets and brackets for the instruments and fairing.

The front end of the bike is also completely custom-made, constructed from several spare forks that were found around the workshop. After the customary amount of love and attention, the neglected parts formed the refreshing new exterior of the bike. Complete with a svelte gold and cream paintjob for an elegant finish.

Take a closer look at the bike below and check out Union Motorcycle’s website for a closer look at their full restoration history.