The Parka

First up, there is one eternal rule to adopt when it comes to layering; start thin to build thick layers. When you compile any outfit the base layer should be thin and lightweight, such as the Universal Works White Pocket T-Shirt, and progressively grow in thickness and texture as the outfit evolves. Adopting such a simple technique ensures that the most comfortable, breathable layers are closest to you and the more robust, heavyweight pieces act as the outer, protecting layer. In turn, the need to subtract layers throughout the day also becomes easier.

Representing this technique is the traditional Fishtail Parka from Monitaly. Possessing a lightweight texture, the jacket is complete with an adjustable hood alongside a press stud and zip closure that can be dictated to anchor and adjust the silhouette to suit any style. Appeasing the easy-layering look is the contemporary Black Ripple Stitch Zip Crew Sweater from Oliver Spencer. Easy to wear, with simplistic gold detailing, the Oliver Spencer Sweater is a cosy, textured piece of knitwear which will add a subtle textured layer to any outfit.


The Overcoat

Another method to master the art of layering lies within varying textures. Ensuring you vary the texture and touch of each individual fabric, they will all combine to create a cleaner, more refined look. Pick fabrics that compliment each other, such as the Wool Overcoat by Folk, the soft-touch Navy Jumper from William Fox and the lightweight cotton of the Oliver Spencer Blue Eton Collar Shirt. The unique charcoal navy colour hue combined with the traditional, overcoat silhouette of the Folk Three Four Coat makes it the ideal style for cold-weather wear. The classic, three quarter length, two-button coat means it layers effortlessly over shirts and sweaters alike for a clean, sophisticated style.


The Bomber

The Bomber has hit a huge resurgence this year, making it one of the ultimate seasonal essentials, and that is largely down to its stylish layering credentials. Working to the same premise as layering from thin to thick, when it comes to the bomber, layering should operate from long to short. By layering your longer garments first and slowly reducing them in length, climaxing with the Bomber, it creates a gradual gradient that clearly defines each layer. Often the layering base will be a staple block-colour tee, such as the Edwin White Double Pack T-Shirt, progressing in to the Edwin Shackle Rollneck Sweater, before graduating to the Edwin Dark Grey Bomber. With the layers altering in length, it not only offers warmth for the cold-weather season, but more importantly, a subtle contrast to outline each individual layer. The heavyweight wool blend of the Edwin Bomber makes for a warm and insulating fit, while the varsity-inspired arms are cut in to a generous-sized silhouette perfect for layering over chunky knitwear.


The Flight Jacket

Contrasting styles and silhouettes is another layering technique that can effectively break up an outfit. For example, juxtaposing street-wear-inspired pieces, such as the YMC Blue MA1 Flight Jacket with traditionally formal styles, like the Grey Basket Weave Sweater from Gant Rugger. The more refined, elder statesmen to the MA1 Bomber Jacket, the MA1 Coat from YMC is a contemporary-styled overcoat. It’s high shine finish contrasts expertly with the textured exterior of the the classic sweater from Gant Rugger. The slim-fit silhouette of the Basket Weave Sweater also makes it ideal for stand alone wear or as a second layer, placed over a classic shirt such as the Gant White Oxford. All together the traditional elements of the outfit, supplied with luxury by Gant Rugger, are made in to versatile layers’ courtesy of the contrasting details of the MA1 Flight Jacket.

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