Capturing the essence of nature is not easy. Yet, in the heart of a forest in the Czech Republic lies 'House in Posazavi' - an unorthodox family home that sits on top of rock face and on the edge of a cascading river.





The build, created by A69 Architectswas inspired by the structural and typological format of the existing site, which explains how the home can sit so poetically on the peripheries of the rock. The solitude of the site is emphasised further by the preservation of trees and the subsequent view across the water. Organically the home is moulded into a labyrinth, where the interior spaces are dictated to allow more sunlight across the various vistas.

That said, the house isn’t entirely traditional as spaces are formed in a complex manner. Yet the complexity is off-set by the monochromatic colour scheme that provides a neutral frame for the colours of the forest. But, the best kept secret of all lies in the middle of the home; an elevated platform with a sunken lounge. Surrounded by bookshelves and looking over across the river, the spot can only be described as the perfect perch.




Take the tour of the property through the image gallery and check out another secluded retreat in the form of the Stilted Summer House.

Images by Tomáš Rasl.