Set sail with wings courtesy of the Evo 43 Speedboat from Blue Martin Yachts.

The most innovative and exhilarating vessel to emerge from the impressive Blue Martin workshop, the Evo incudes an exclusive rear platform expansion. The speedboat formed in collaboration with Tecnico Rivelini, features expandable wings which stretch out of the main body of the boat, adding more than 40% extra surface area for passengers on board.

The luxurious deck also features built-in deckchairs and a fully extendable diving platform that expands out to sea. Beyond those essentials, the Evo 43 also possesses an array of customisable configurations, including a double cabin with closets, a bathroom and a private dining area.

Beyond the lashings of luxury, the Evo 43 performs more efficiently and effectively at sea than its competitors. Lightweight, and subsequently extremely easy to steer, the 13-metre-long hull is specifically shaped to be remarkably fast, reaching speeds of up to 68 kmh from twin Volvo engines. The vessel is complete with an infusion of structural techniques to avoid any defects in the design, saving an extra 20% of the final weight in the process.

Take a closer look at the masterful Evo 43 below and visit the Blue Martin Yachts website for further information.