Great art picks up where nature ends.” – Marc Chagall

Felipe Assadi Painter’s Studio unifies the natural and artistic worlds succinctly closer; by designing a reclusive retreat embedded in to the coastal mountains.

Constructed in the coastal district of Los Vilos, Chile, Felipe Assadi designed the concrete retreat on the same coastal plot as his previous Casa Bahia Azul home; an imposing structure etched in to the sloping gradient of the rocky hills, entirely constructed from concrete for a distinctive, cuboid exterior.

Eloquently embedded in to the imposing hillside, the Studio is a long rectangular structure anchored by a contemporary floating staircase, that leads down in to a generous open-plan area providing ample room and inspiration for artistic storage and equipment.

Kept entirely minimal to reflect the simplistic synergy of the build, the room contains various canvas arrangements to be on hand when inspiration strikes. With breathtaking views of the exterior landscape encompassing the studio, inspiration is sure to ensue.

The large window adorning the front face of  the the building frames a view of the ocean, while the implementation of light between the concrete ceiling and wall illuminates the left side, with a floor to ceiling glass panel refining the design, opening up to a balcony showcasing uninterrupted views of the Chilean coast.

Almost hidden from view, sitting sleepily amongst the rocky hillside, Felipe Assadi’s artistic studio paints a picture-perfect paradise of the ultimate seaside retreat.