Militant, revolutionarily, svelte or sophisticated – no matter how you describe the Ferrari California Spyder 365 – it is revered as one of the finest cars in Italian automotive history.

The 365 California was a radical departure from Ferrari’s more common, yet stoutly popular, 250 GT Spyder. Based on the chassis of the 500 Superfast, the 365 California was Ferrari’s most expensive road car of that time. What is more, just 14 California Spyder’s were built, which served to heighten the Spyder’s allure.

The masterful bodywork of the 365 was an evolutionary concept conceived by Pininfarina. Entirely different, the new body adopted delicate details in the form of integrated door handles, svelte door mirrors and the more aggressive front grille.

Internally, the Ferrari was equally enigmatic. The 365 was the first model to be fitted with a V12 long block 4.4 litre engine – which propelled the Spyder above any other competitor on the market. As a total package, the 365 combined the elegant bodywork with the engineering capabilities of the best grand touring models around.

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