Acting as a modern adaptation to traditional canal boats, +31 Architects  present the Floating home.

Making waves in the new phenomenon of water-based housing, +31 Architects submerge half of the cubic structure under the waterline of Amsterdam’s Amstel river while the other half opens up to a large terrace.

Watervilla Weesperzijde, to use its full name, is the standout example in a number of houseboats lining the banks of the Netherland’s waterways, designed to be a sustainable solution to housing, with more projects set to be built on existing waterways created by damns and dykes.

"When needed the floating system can be moved elsewhere at short notice without leaving any scar to the environment," said +31 Architects. "Instead a new house can be placed in to the old situation which makes it the most sustainable and durable way to build."

The Floating House is accurate to the traditions of canal boats, with the lower portion of the house submerged in the river while the upper storey sits proudly above the water’s surface to offer a tranquil platform for residents to enjoy a feeling of ultimate relaxation.

Sweeping sliding doors complete the lounge and kitchen to maximise the views of the river, as well as providing access to a floating terrace, which when moored, spans the entire length of the living space to offer a luxurious extension to the house.

Internally, the clean grey flooring acts as a  blank canvas to compliment the resident’s own furnishings, while the floor itself extends on to the terrace, helping to the merge two spaces in to one. Complimenting the relationship with the outside and in, are three automated sun awnings which are integrated in to the building’s flat roof which can be retracted at a touch of a button.

Completing the entire complex are minimal floating steps which descend into the windowless basement, where a pair of bedrooms, bathrooms and a small lounge are located. Meanwhile the stairway which descends down to the lower deck is encased with glass panels that help infiltrate light down in to the open-plan, lower level.

A refreshing take on sustainable living, the Floating House by +31 Architects is the blueprint for all to follow when it comes to the emerging popularity of water-based living.