The old adage of ‘what would you take to your own desert island?’ can now be laid to rest, courtesy of the simply idyllic Floating Islands.

Thanks to Migaloo, a luxury yacht company founded in Austria, you are now able to hop aboard your own private island and drift across the sea in imitable style.

Offering custom floating habitats based on semi-submersible platforms, Migaloo combine the amenities of a Megayacht with an enchanting exotic island. Whilst on board of the ‘Kokomo Ailand’, or seemingly referred to as the yacht to end all yachts, you will find every last luxury that you could ever yearn for.

Featuring a large, sweeping private owner’s penthouse that resides 80 metres above sea level, with two private elevators and a glass bottom Jacuzzi providing the perfect perch to take in the sun, sea and surroundings.

The main deck is influenced by a tropical jungle, and so a luxurious pool, waterfall, palm trees and a rich vertical garden dominate the entire deck. Elsewhere, the special spa and beach decks contains a gym, massage and beauty salons with an accompanying entertainment pool, bar and barbecue area providing eloquent outdoor dining.

If that wasn’t enough, a secluded VIP and guest deck boasts private terraces and an infinity pool, for when desert island life becomes somewhat stressful.

The mesmeric concept yacht stands 117 metres wide and 78 metres tall, and is completely customisable in size, shape and features- with customary helipad included, of course.

Floating Islands by Migaloo; offering freedom and privacy quite like nothing ever seen before. Where will you escape to?