A new slant.

Vinyl will always possess a precious notion for those who long for a sense of nostalgia alongside a raw, uncompressed audio quality. Gramovox are delivering that very feeling, updating it with a touch of pastures new, by giving the traditional turntable a slight alteration.

Taking the vinyl to new heights, quite literally, the latest conception from Gramovox, which proceeds the Bluetooth Gramophone, turns the vinyl on its head to provide a strikingly different look. Whether it forms an emerging trend, that waits to be seen, but the gravity-defying design certainly adds an innovative edge to one of the world’s most cherished vintage designs.

The static structure, alongside your choice of a complimenting wood or maple turntable base, combines to create a modern meets vintage style, that despite its inventive edge, will blend expertly amongst any interior.

Of course, crispness of sound remains of paramount importance, and the Gramovox succeeds in supplying just that, as it can be played through full range speakers - reinstating the Vinyl in to the 21st century.

Bring your sound back to the future, by purchasing your Floating Record player via the Gramovox website.