Form Nutrition was established upon the simple premise that getting your daily nutrition doesn’t have to come at a cost to others. Its plant-based proteins and responsibly-sourced nootropics are good for your body, brain, the planet and people. Put simply, these aren't your standard supplements.

Form was founded in London by Damian Soong, Natalia Bojanic and Pete O’Donoghue. Their complementary backgrounds in nutrition, human development and business set them up to develop a company with a refreshingly holistic approach to health.

Backed by science, Form's products are designed for optimal performance. The range comprises vegan protein powders — packed with plant protein and boosted by ingredients like curcumin, maca and spirulina — as well as nootropics, which are compounds designed to improve aspects of brain functions such as memory, focus, mood and productivity. There's ZZZZs, formulated with 5-HTP, calming amino acids and essential dietary minerals for a naturally regenerative sleep; the focus-improving Boost, which is "like a strong cup of coffee without the jitters"; and Edge, a daily cognitive enhancer that combines herbal extracts, nootropics and B vitamins.

Form Nutrition takes its commitment to wellness seriously, so much so that it joined the network of B Corporations, a certification given to brands who meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. From its partnership with Bansang Hospital in The Gambia to its compostable packaging and end-of-life reuse programme, which asks customers to send back their empty glass jars to be sterilised and repurposed in exchange for a complimentary jar of their choosing — every decision that Form takes has sustainability built into it. It's a win for your health and a win for the health of the planet — what's not to love?

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