Maintaining spirituality and humanism are the keys to success when it comes to modern architecture. A balance that the Fyren House, sitting high upon a hillside in Halifax, Nova Scotia, perfectly captures.

The conceptual home designed by Omar Gandhi Architects is a beacon of life sat on top of a hillside on the highest peak of a sea-side plateaus. Rather than being in debt to the landscape, the strong visual aesthetic of the house in fact complements it, as it has been designed to provide views of both Point Pleasant Park and the open water on the other side.

In order to incorporate the incredible backdrop, the home twists and turns towards the critical views to provide different dimensions and dynamics across the property. For instance, the L-shaped format creates a secluded internal court and long, sweeping drive way that creates a dramatic and enchanting entrance to the house.

Internally, the central core of the home is defined by the walnut staircase that is also complemented by white, walnut and birch facades to create an internal warmth to juxtapose the more rigid language of the external shell.

Take a closer look at the property in the image gallery below and be sure to check out Omar Gandhi Architect’s website for more of the studio’s spectacular modern designs.

Images courtesy of Doublespace and Omar Gandhi.