The ultimate inner-city run-around.

Presenting a Porsche paradise, Singer Vehicle Design capture the emotive curves and imitable torque of their spectacular Goldfinger 911 concept in a beautiful photographic series around the city streets of London.

Amongst the busy cityscape, the Porsche remains centre of attention - as it rightly should.  Developed by Singer Vehicle Designs, the concept Porsche in picture is a rare 911 model, made extra special by the elegant yet pulsating gold exterior. Beyond the Porsche’s pristine aesthetic, the golden design is complimented with leather upholstery and silver accents.

Yet, you can lose too much time exploring the finer details of the car, as the model is potent, too. Representing the perfect driving experience, the concept 911 produces a peak of 360bhp and 282lb ft of torque, accelerating the 1200kg refurbished 911 to 60mph in 3.6 seconds. Combining supercar speeds with a simply mesmerising golden-aesthetic, Singer enhance the allure of the Porsche 911 even further.

Take a closer look at the Singer Vehicle Goldfinger Porsche 911 below and visit the Singer website for more outstanding Porsche concepts.