You’d like a classic Land Rover Defender but - frankly - would also like a little in the way of creature comforts. Sam Greenwood understands. He’s the brains behind North Yorkshire’s Greenwood Automotive, taking classic Land Rovers apart and obsessively reassembling them with new parts, from stainless steel hinges and bolts to remapped engines and supple leather seating that would startle the average Defender-driving farmer with their extravagance.

Greenwood has form in this field, working for years for Twisted, who transform classic Defenders into brutal beasts. Greenwood Automotive’s approach is more subtle and tailored to individual needs. The bits you can’t see are key: chassis components are protected and if necessary replaced. Need a new sound system audible over the Landie’s rowdy diesel? Of course. Classic Range Rovers get the treatment too, and if you’ve a neglected military spec Land Rover 101 Forward Control, they’ll be delighted to help. 

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