Poolside, watch out. Gusari is the luxury swimwear label that sets out to disrupt a staid market. Why, founder Henry Wombell wondered, was men's swimwear so dull? As Gusari themselves put it, "All other garment categories benefit from a range of different styles, colourways and patterns, so why not swimwear?"

Gusari's answer to their own question has been to produce collections incorporating tailoring details not usually associated with swimwear. Why, after all, shouldn't what you wear around the pool or at the beach not be as elegant and eye-catching as any other piece in your wardrobe? 

In or out of the water, Gusari aim to ensure that whether you're diving for pearls or simply anticipating the next cocktail your look remains impeccable. Functionality and a certain simplicity is key: technical fabrics are bespoke and quick dry, while the flair is all in the detailing and the wide range of colourways.

Gusari's debut collection put into action this new direction for men's swimwear. The London is, say Gusari, the first pleated swimshort, with a single side fastener more usually found on tailored trousers rather than swimwear. Two side and one back pocket complete a look that exudes effortlessly elegance.

Further collections have amplified and diversified the Gusari mission to "redefine the luxury swimwear market", referencing key destinations that have inspired designs. The Deia is named after an idyllic village in Mallorca and features a bold D-hoop design, while the St Barts takes its design influence from the laidback sunny charm of St Barths in the Caribbean. Colourways are always individual.

Sustainability has been part of the Gusari market from the start. As the label says, "we have made it our responsibility to create sustainable garments at an affordable price". Cottons on Gusari's subtle, tailored shirts are organic and working conditions for all involved in creating the pieces are audited.

Quiet sophistication, elegant tailoring, colourways that run from the subtle to the bold: Gusari are, we'd say, already meeting and indeed exceeding their disruptive aims. Seriously elegant deluxe swimwear? Done.

How about a summer-ready haircut to match your new swimwear?