At first glance you’d be forgiven if you thought this was one of the stills from Ironman and expecting Tony Stark strewn across the balcony. But this is in fact, the latest architectural masterpiece from the Portuguese company JPS Atelier.

Gaining a reputation in Portugal for their minimalist and clean line approach to architecture, JPS Atelier take full advantage of the hillside and its jaw dropping views. The house itself garners its inspiration from the trapezoid plot of land. High in the hills of Oeiras, not too far from Lisbon, it’s blessed with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the River Tejo. The building screams minimalism with its clean lines and glass front facade.

At night the building is akin to a plush little hideaway in Beverly Hills, with the city lights in the background accentuating the buildings architecture and showing a different dimension to the views available in this magnificent home.

Take the full tour of the Hillside Home by JPS Atelier below.