The first of its kind.

The Hocker Heinrich Stool, designed by Panatom with Matthias Frobose is a perfect representation of modern minimalism.

The precise, elegant and simplistic stool, hand-made in Berlin, offers interesting effects of light and shadow, shifting in perspective depending on angle and observation. As a hallmark to the stool’s astute design, the first edition of the Heinrich chair has been appointed to the permanent collection at Kleist-Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.

As homage to the origins of the stool itself, the project receives its name from the German playwright Heinrich von Kleist (1777- 1811). As atoned, the Hocker Heinrich stool has been appointed to be included in the Kleist-Museum, with the piece set to showcase in a new exhibition following the history of Kleistian interpretative work. With the Heinrich stool set to offer a fresh, contemporary take of Hocker Heinrich inspiration through the heavy form of concrete.

The surface of each stool, completely comprised of concrete, varies from piece to piece due to the air pockets that develop during the setting process, providing each stool with a unique appearance to ensure they all exist to be one-of-a-kind. Displayed in anthracite and light grey examples, the Hocker Heinrich can also be requested to be pigmented with other colours, alongside a customary dark grey stool cover that can be added for extra comfort.

Blending a natural history with exemplary modern design, the Hocker Heinrich Stool is rewarding of a place in every contemporary home. The perfect perch.