Words by Lucy Thomas

Although Anglepoise is a relatively new name to OPUMO, it is a brand that needs little to no introduction. For over 70 years, the British brand has produced an array of lamps and lights that are fit for every room in the house. From wall mounted lights to freestanding giant lamps, we've pulled together the ultimate home lighting guide from Anglepoise to help you introduce a fresh new piece of home lighting to your interior. So, scroll down to explore the edit below and shop the entire Anglepoise lighting collection at OPUMO.

White Ceramic 1227 Mini Wall Light

Anglepoise’ sturdy, multi-purpose Original 1227 mini wall light, with its flexible shade, articulated bracket and perfect balance, gives you all the benefits of Anglepoise’ Original 1227 desk and table lamps in a stylish, wall-mounted form.

White Ceramic 1227 Mini Pendant Light

The Anglepoise 1227 Mini Pendant's slender silhouette and delicate, translucent ceramic shade makes it the kind of understated lamp that can operate in any room in the house. A single one, hung low to make a feature of the grey, fabric braided cable, would make a space-saving alternative to a table lamp. While its functionality also extends into the dining, as a row of 1227's would be a both a functional and stylish way of lighting a worktop, bar of dining table, too.

Anglepoise - 2

Ocean Blue Type 1228 Floor Lamp

Originally commissioned for Roald Dahl and his love of his classic lamp that lit up his desk while he wrote his novels, the intrigue of this design caught the public’s attention and is now part of the core collection at Anglepoise. A real head turner that acts more as an abstract art piece rather than a functional everyday lamp, the free-standing Anglepoise Floor Lamp is best used not as a spotlight, but with its shade tilted to deliver a warm ambient glow around the room.

Ocean Blue Type 1228 Desk Lamp

The extra reach and flexible shade in this lamp makes it perfect for reading. Tucked away behind the sofa or next to your bed, the ambient glow delivers a warm atmosphere and its elegant shape only adds to that.

Anglepoise - 3

Anglepoise - 4

Silver Lustre 75 Mini Metallic Lamp

The Type 75 Mini Metallic Lamp is a premium version of the popular Type 75 Mini and like its counterpart, it exudes class and is adaptable; giving you the freedom to adjust the shade to both focused and ambient light. This version, however, comes in three brushed aluminium finishes; Gold, Silver and Copper lustre all of which will add a touch of luxury into your home.

Original 1227 Mini Ceramic Table Lamp

For those who never seem to have enough space on their desk, the desk mountable option of the Anglepoise 1227 means this convenient little lamp is perfect in a home office scenario. No need to clear a space for this one as it sits conveniently on the edge of your desk, still providing the same ambient glow.

Anglepoise - 4

Gold Lustre 75 Mini Metallic Lamp

Everyone seems to be the victim of keeping interiors on a spectrum from black to white, with only grey and specific neutrals in between. Sometimes it’s good to break the cycle and inject bits of colour into your home and this Anglepoise Mini 75 is the perfect lamp to dispel the norm. Its gold brushed aluminium will add something different to your bedroom or home office thanks to its combination of faultless function and statement-making form. It also comes in a diminutive Type 75 Mini Metallic Wall Light, too, which can be used in conjunction with the table lamp to create a harmonious set of home lighting that will work particularly well when contrasted against warm wooden facades and neutral colour palettes.

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