The world of custom-motorcycles is awash with collaborations and bespoke machines from a variety of global garages, yet one-man-band, Dimitri Chaussinand is making his own noise with yet another exquisite vintage-creation.

With his original Yamaha TW125 earning critical acclaim, Dimitri’s latest, a Honda XR600R update could be even better. Working to both a limited time and budget, Dimitri unearthed the 1995 Honda and instantly thought of it as the focal point for his latest project. He quickly restored the bike to its original 21F/18R set up for a more robust, balanced silhouette. What is more, Dimitri decided to embrace the tank’s compact shape by ensuring the rest of the bike remained close, tight and minimal. For instance, the subframe was cut and looped and complemented with a slim, leather-bound seat.

The rest of the bike follows suit, as Dimitri explained to BIKEexif that “I didn’t want to spoil the straight-lined style with mudguards, turn signals and a licence plate holder.” As a result, the bike remains slick, svelte, hardened and aggressive.

The classic colour scheme of black with silver and red detailing only serves to heighten the bike’s appeal – and although it may not be the most practical custom bike to have stolen our hearts, it looks to be the most fun.

Discover more of Dimitri’s work by following him on Instagram, @dinamaxxxx, and be sure to check out Eastern Spirit’s take on another classic Honda, the CX500.